Make Money, Not War!

by Lorne Strider
From Number 32 – June 1988

I have argued that business people, those who create and produce wealth, are acting morally, and that people who pretend to act in the public interest, i.e., government people, are the bad guys whose actions not only create no wealth, but actually destroy wealth that others have created.

This argument is based upon the obvious fact that business people are producing a product or service that other people want, where government people produce nothing of any value to anyone, and worse, rob and control those who do produce products and services, thereby diminishing everyone’s standard of living.

Kings, queens, presidents, governors, senators, supervisors, tax collectors, dog catchers, zoning administrators, building inspectors, poultry inspectors and thousands of others are all non-producers who live off the labors of honest producers.

The producers want to satisfy consumers and the non-producers want to limit, regulate and destroy what consumers need. In this sense, the producers and the non-producers are in a state of war. Only there are no shots fired because government has all the guns and makes all the rules.

If the capitalists win, the world will fill with eager entrepreneurs tripping over each other trying to serve you and me. If the politicians win there will be no future for anyone save that of servitude, of taxation and war, of shortages and misery.

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