Book Auction

from the Library of Carl Watner

In an effort to declutter, make room on my book shelves, and get books into the hands of people who might use them, I am auctioning off the following items. Please read the following terms and conditions.

  1. All books are used, have been read, and contain underlining and marginal notes.

  2. The auction will run from April 1, 2019 till midnight April 30, 2019.

  3. Minimum bids are $4 on paperbacks and $9 on hardbacks.

  4. Shipping and handling will be calculated in the following manner. Each order will be assessed $5 for shipping and handling. In addition $ 1 will be added for each book purchased: e.g. – A winning bid for one paperback will be assessed $ 6. A winning bid for one paperback and one hardback will be assessed $ 7. All books will be sent Media Mail via the United States Post Office. No order will be shipped outside the United States.

  5. You may bid on individual items, or on all paperbacks as one lot, or on all hardbacks as one lot, or on all paperbacks and hardbacks together as one lot. Shipping will be assessed on the basis of $ 10 for each box of books shipped + actual Media Mail shipping charges.

  6. No books will be shipped until payment has been received. Checks, paypal, gold, or silver will be accepted. Crypto-currencies are not acceptable.

  7. Submit your bids via email to editorREMOVE Mark the subject line: Book bid. Please copy and paste into the body of your email the author(s) and title(s) and enter your bid(s) at the end of the line(s), one line for each book you’d like.

  8. Winners will be notified by email within a few days of the close of bidding.

  9. Payment must be received within 10 days from date of being notified you have won. If payment is not received in a timely manner, the runner-up bidder will be notified to send payment.

  10. If you have questions about any title, research it on If that fails, email editorREMOVE for more information.

Hardback Books to Bid On

Anderson, All-American Anarchist
Asbel, Refusenik
Barnett, The Structure of Liberty
Barry, Roger Wiliiams and the Creation of the American Soul
Bethel, The Noblest Triumph
Bovard, Freedom in Chains
Brooks, The Individualist Anarchists
Courtois, et al, The Black Book of Communism
Cousins, Anatomy of an Illness
Garrett, A Bubble That Broke the World
Garrett, A Time Is Born
Garrett, People’s Pottage
Garrett, The Wild Wheel
Gill, Quest-the Life of Elis Kubler-Ross,
Hamburger, et al, Why America Is Free
Humphry, Jean’s Way
Kimmel, Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy 1789-1958
Kubler-Ross, To Live Until We Say Goodbye
McNeill, The Pursuit of Power
Pipes, Property and Freedom
Powell, The Triumph of Liberty
Prechter, Conquer the Crash
Rickards, The Big Drop
Scott, The Art of Not Being Governed
Skousen, Survival Home Manual
Snelson, Taming the Violence of Faith
Twight, America’s Emerging Fascist Economy
Valentine, Vigilante Justice
Weglyn, Years of Infamy
Woodward, In Defense of Our Neighbors,
na, The New York Board of Fire Underwriters 1867-1967

Paperback Books to Bid On

Adams, Gesundheit
Barclay, The State
Callahan, Economics for Real People
Caplan & Torpey, Documenting Individual Identity
Caplan, Written on the Body
Carter, The Political Theory of Anarchism
Casey Research, Surviving FedCoin
Collins, Everything Voluntary
Cronon, Changes in the Land
de Jasay, Before Resorting to Politics
FEE Cliches of Politics
Foldvary, The Soul of Liberty
Garrett, Ex America
Garrett, Rise of Empire
Grossman, Forever Flowing
Jennings, The Invasion of America
Klassen, Atlantis
Klassen, Political Government
Levi, If Not Now, When?
Loomis, Alternative Americas
Marc Guttman (ed), Why Peace
Martin, Nonviolence versus Capitalism
Miller, Freedom in Our Time
Murphy, Chaos Theory
Myers, Money and Energy
Naylor & Williman, Downsizing the USA
Preston Tucker, The Indomitable Tin Goose
Roche, One By One
Royce (aka Boston Tea Party), Hologram of Liberty
Shannan, I Rode With Tupper
Smith, Ben Franklin’s Websitepb: Copp (ed), The Legal Foundations of Free Markets
Stone, On the Steppes of Central Asia,
Szuter, The Return of Common Sense
Tine, Tucker, the Man and His Dream
Turk, Social Security-Lies, Myths & Reality
Tylor, Anthropology
Two Copies of: Weaver, The Main Spring of Human Progress
Webber, 666 The Mark Is Ready
Wilson, Natural Law
Zhou, How the Farmers Changed China

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