Classics of Voluntaryism

Neither Bullets nor Ballots

Introduction to Neither Bullets nor Ballots by Wendy McElroy Party Dialogue by George H. Smith Voluntaryism in the Libertarian Tradition by Carl Watner Demystifying the State by Wendy McElroy A Voluntaryist Bibliography, Annotated by Carl Watner A Voluntaryist Bibliography, The Short List by Carl Watner (with suggestions from subscribers) Voluntaryism in the European Anarchist Tradition …

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Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, Etienne De La Boetie

The Discours sur la servitude volontaire of ÉTIENNE DE LA BOÉTIE, 1548 There are many editions of this classic work. In addition to La Boetie’s book, here is Murray Rothbard’s long article, “The Political Thought of Etienne de La Boetie.” The version below was rendered into English by HARRY KURZ [Published under the title ANTI-DICTATOR] …

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