Getting A Grip

Carl’s articles are wonderful resources to better understand the evolution of the culture, institutions, and laws that frame our lives. Larry will feature Carl’s writings that help us navigate the human faults, foibles, and triumphs shaping current events.

Get A Grip Volume 2, 12-2021

By Larry Woods   War is the evil opposite of voluntaryism. Coercion, destruction, and hatred vs. mutual respect, productive exchange, and toleration. Lying is the foundation of war, alignment with reality is the foundation of Voluntaryism. Often overlooked is the internal damage to warfighters. Daniel Hale’s letter illustrates this better than anything I could compose …

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Get A Grip volume 1, 08-2021

By Larry Woods Carl and his work bettered my life with history and analysis of evolving human culture. That work is timely to offset “woke” corrosion of so-called educational institutions and its spread to politics and commerce. Most “woke intellectuals” go ballistic in creationism vs. evolution discussions.  They want to abandon verified data from generations …

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