Get A Grip volume 1, 08-2021

By Larry Woods

Carl and his work bettered my life with history and analysis of evolving human culture. That work is timely to offset “woke” corrosion of so-called educational institutions and its spread to politics and commerce.

Most “woke intellectuals” go ballistic in creationism vs. evolution discussions.  They want to abandon verified data from generations of the best evolved human cultural practices. Ironically, they create faith-based ideologies that conflict with reality. They lust to be in charge of violent force to subdue resistance to their creationism.

While appreciating Carl’s trove of information, I also explore the biases and quirks that enable violence-based institutions. That helps me choose actions to undermine them, and thrive in the meantime.

The issues swirling around COVID-19 outbreaks challenge us to think clearly and act prudently. Their politicization kicks up emotions and biases that cloud our judgment and information sources. Choices we make, or do not make, therefore have substantial risk.

How do we navigate this swirl of splendid technological progress, medical heroisms, conflicting “scientific” advice, and Power Seekers? The agenda of the latter is well reported and easily available while alternate options are not.

To start, I suggest reviewing Carl’s article about food regulation to aid in evaluating information from coercive agencies. Another article of Carl’s gives context for the trustworthiness of US medical practitioners.

Whatever your conclusions, remember you can find competent, honest, and decent people in foul systems.

What can we learn from previous pandemics? Here is a story of a previous public health panic, and benefits of vaccines, whatever their flaws. A related article shows resistance to government intervention that is unthinkable today , and prophetic.

The suppression of Ivermectin affected me on a personal level. Cautions:  The podcast has helpful medical background and possible COVID-19 care options but falls short by failing to analyze or suggest remedies to address the suppression of that information. (They should have read Carl’s article above!)

These Gentlemen have developed a following. Desire for attention and approval can be as disruptive as power.

I touch on the dilemma of simultaneous expertise and error in my “How I Became” article which Carl helped me write. You’ll also see my background (and biases?).

Next month –  Resources to supplement and update Carl’s scholarship.

We hope this sparks you to share similar thoughts, and reactions to Carl’s work. You can forward to Dave, or to me at

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