Ideas for a Voluntaryist Outreach Program




We recently received a donation of books, among which were a quantity of LaBoetie’s THE POLITICS OF OBEDIENCE. We would like you to gift these, and possibly other titles, and/or back issues of THE VOLUNTARYIST to individuals who you think might benefit from reading them.

This could include people of influence, or people in the public eye, who you think might be sympathetic to the voluntaryist message.

It also might include up-and-coming students of voluntaryism who might be encouraged by the receipt of such a book or a newsletter.

Consequently, we are soliciting suggestions on how to use these books.

Do you know of a libertarian book club that might make use of them?

Do you have a particular back issue of THE VOLUNTARYIST that you would like sent to a special person?

Please send names and addresses and a short explanation of why you are recommending that this person be a recipient to the editor.

And, please let us know if you have books, new or used, that you would like to be included in this program by listing them in the comments section below.

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