Two Important Announcements

Important Announcement Number One

To My Subscribers (to THE VOLUNTARYIST):

As you may have read in my newsletter (No. 184), I have prostate cancer which has metastasized to my left hip. I am not undergoing any treatment (other than diet) and no one knows what the future will bring. Consequently, I would like to fulfill my obligation to all subscribers by sending you the enclosed six issues (Nos. 185-190). If you consider your subscription extends past issue 190, please contact me so I can make arrangements for a partial refund or payment in kind (books, back issues, etc.)

My intention is to continue writing and publishing THE VOLUNTARYIST as long as I am able. Future issues would not be printed as hard copy but rather posted on the voluntaryist website. If you would like to receive a notification, for example – when issue 191 is posted, please be sure you are signed up for the Voluntaryist email group. There will be no charge for future digital issues.

Many of you are familiar with my anthology of the first 100 issues, titled I MUST SPEAK OUT. If I reach issue 200 which I am shooting for (and I am getting close to the finish line) I may try to do a second anthology of issues 101 thru 200.

In the meantime, my most heart felt thanks to all subscribers (some of whom been here from the beginning, starting with issue 1 in late 1982) and to all others who have contributed time and effort to supporting THE VOLUNTARYIST. In this respect, I would especially like to thank – Wendy McElroy, George H. Smith, Dave Scotese, Shepard Humphries, Chuck Hamilton, Charles Guitterez, Dave Dreas, Jim Russell, Hans Sherrer, and others unmentioned (but not forgotten) who have helped shoulder the burden over the years. I also would like to thank donors, contributors, and sponsors who have helped support us financially.

Another project that is nearing completion is the putting together of a group of 100+ voluntaryist-focused books for housing and display at the Ward and Massey Library of the Mises Institute in Auburn, AL. These books are being selected from my personal library and will be known as The Voluntaryist Collection. They will be separately identified from the general library collection and will be available to students and researchers. If you would like to support this project please make your contribution to

I don’t think this will be the last you hear of me, but just in case I want to say thank you for carrying on the voluntaryist tradition.


Carl Watner

Important Announcement Number Two

Carl Watner – editor of THE VOLUNTARYIST – is having a “clearance sale” of back issues due to his medical condition. This is one of the longest running libertarian newsletters and there are some full sets available. Imagine that he has saved some issues that are over 35 years old. If you would like to get in on this deal, please contact Carl by January 19th, 2020. His email address is here: and place ‘back issues’ in the subject line.

The hardcopy set includes issues 1 through 190 and are available for $200 + shipping. If you want these in FREE digital format by selecting issues individually, they are at Thumb drives with all 190 issues are also available for $ 150 postpaid. All payments must be via paypal, bitcoin, gold, silver, or federal reserve greenbacks. No checks, please. Regular pricing has been $25 for 6 issues, so this is a great deal for the collector or person that likes holding real paper in their hands.

Buy a piece of history! This is your chance! Started by George H. Smith, Wendy McElroy, and Carl, THE VOLUNTARYIST newsletter has been published continuously since October 1982. From its very inception it has advocated delegitimizing the state through reliance on education, non-political, and non-violent strategies. This is your chance to get it “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

So to summarize our offerings:

Hardcopy sets – issues 1 – 190 for $ 200 + shipping
Thumbdrive – issues 1 – 190 for $ 150 postpaid

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