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Issue 148
Watner, Liberty, the Mother of Order – Book Review of BOUNDARIES OF ORDER
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Quote: “The second mouse gets the cheese.”
Walkey, Your Writing Has Brought Comfort and Inspiration
Coughlin, Government Help: A Civic Cancer
Kenyon, Why Voluntaryism Is the Best and Only Legitimate Moral Philosophy
Quote: A. J. Nock, “The practical reason for freedom is to develop substantial moral fibre.”
Quote: Pawelczynska, ” Do not harm your neighbor; if possible, save him.”
Watner, In Defense of Our Own Freedoms

Issue 149
Watner, K.I.S.S. A Pig! – Anarchist or Minarchist?
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Crovelli quote: Look at how an organization obtains its funding
Books Received
Watner, From Slingshots to Nukes
Langbein quote: Coercion is incompatible with truth
Simpson quote: There is no peace or justice with governments
Wall quote: When crooks win, they write crooked history
Netterville, Book review of Kurlansky, NONVIOLENCE
Maybury quote: War is the most expensive things humans do

Issue 150
Watner, On Power and Trust
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Quote: Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.
Harbeson, A Self-Educated Chicken
Quote: The happiest people make the most of everything they have.
Watner, An Open Letter to Jacob Hornberger
Harper, To Steal or not to Steal?

Issue 151
Watner, Which Came First – The Chicken or the State?
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
North, Jeremiah’s Job
Watner, Can the Whole World Be Wrong and We Be Right?


Issue 152
Watner, Taxation No Better Than Slavery
Bush, Slavery the Worst Form of Stealing
Ruwart, If people need help, help but don’t coerce others.
Rothbard, The power of the State is wrapped up in the question of taxation.
Kornfield, Vinoba Bhave and the Genesis of the Indian Land Reform Movement
Kaufman, When everyone is responsible, no one is responsible.
Rose, The Good Funding the Evil
Anonymous, You must cheat on your taxes to survive.
Rose, My Deprogramming

Issue 153
McElroy, Auberon Herbert
Tame, Taxation Is Theft
Foley, Man cannot escape choice, no matter what he does.
Schoon, In the long run, there is no short run.
Chesterton, The home is an anarchist institution, older than law and stands outside the State.
Sennholz, You Cannot Get Even

Issue 154
Watner, What Might Have Been – What Might Be
Johannsen, Schools for All
Brand, My Journey to Voluntaryism
LeFevre, How to Advance the Cause of Liberty
Stevens quote: One good idea is worth any number of guns.

Issue 155
Watner, Are Voluntaryist Hypocrites for Using the Roads?
Watner, Something to Do with the Search for Truth
Quote: Tell the truth and people will bash in your head.
Tolstoy quote: Everyone wants to change the world, but not himself.
Chief Joseph quote: It does not require many words to tell the truth.
Read, If I Were King
Colton quote: No man is wise enough to be entrusted with unlimited powers.
Books Received
Knaebel, Open Letter to the President of the USA and Prime Minister of India


Issue 156
Watner, Freedom to Choose Your Own Money
Ruwart, How We Violate the Principle of Non-Aggression Daily
Rothbard and Mises quote: Every single transaction benefits both parties.
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Hazlitt quote: Diluting the money supply is equivalent to diluting the milk supply with water.
Casey quote: I am not in favor of any particular monetary standard.
Voltarire quote: Paper money eventually reaches its intrinsic value – zero.
Patrick, How to Live Well
Netterville, My Winding Road to Voluntaryism

Issue 157
Watner, The Noose Continues to Tighten But No Government Lasts Forever
Watner, Am I An American Citizen and What Might It Mean?
Quote: Governments have transformed the world into a vast prison
Some Gems from THE FREEMAN
Higgs, What Is the Point of My Libertarian Anarchism?
de Vencentiis quote, Citizenship would not exist without governments
Grove, Who Owns the Job?

Issue 158
Watner, The Wisdom of Bob LeFevre
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Voluntaryism and THE ART OF BEING FREE
Ragnar quote: It takes strength of character to speak only the best of others.
Cherngs quote: Focus on doing the right thing; the results will take care of themselves.
Knight, From Vagueness to Voluntaryism
Bhave quote: Involvement in politics, even to destroy it, is bound to fail.
Rose quote: Politicians cannot imagine people running their own lives.
Rose, The Gospel According to Government

Issue 159
Anonymous, Do You Really “Owe” Those Taxes?
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Ingram quote: Government is the power to kill. Paying taxes is a way to avoid being killed.
Palmer, The Origins of State and Government
Barden and Murphy quote: Theft is wrong. The question is what is considered to be theft.
A Voluntaryist Contest


Issue 160
Watner, Voluntaryism and Extreme Necessity
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Netterville quote, Am I my brother’s keeper?
Saturos quote: Is it proper to shoot the man if he refuses to help?
Reinikanen, The Golden Rule and the Requirement of Universalizability
Milam, Personal Sovereignty

Issue 161
Watner, Voluntaryism, Integrity and the Question of the Oath
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Stockman quote: “The Federal Reserve is the Politburo of the West”
Scotese, The Problem with Trading
Mill, An Excerpt on the State of the Nation
Butler, What I Believe
Ver, Roger Ver’s Journey to Anarchism

Issue 162
Watner, Voluntaryism and the Story of Absolutist Objectors
Washington quote: The Quakers would rather be whipped to death than bear arms
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Steyn quote: Government health care can be used to justify any restraint on freedom
Brock quote: Tolstoy viewed every state as a slave institution
Paterson quote: Free government education is a contradiction in terms
Chodorov quote: There cannot be a good society until there are good men
Ward poem: “To Risk”
Eyre: My Journey to Voluntaryism

Issue 163
Watner, Soul Rape
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
LeGente quote, Nothing useful but what is just
Marshall, A Voluntaryist Before Age Fifteen
Sharp, Whatcha Gonna Do?
Warren quote, Governments commit more crimes than criminals
Galles quote, Governments pretend infallibility and then impose it
den Ouden, Sophisticated Slavery


Issue 164
Watner, Lay the Axe to the Root to the Tree: Strategies to End Human Slavery
Watner, The Buck Stops Here: Voluntaryism and Counterfeit Money
Curtin quote: Watch your pennies to spend your dollars where they count
Leo Tolstoy On the Circle of Violence

Issue 165
Anonymous, Meeting the State Head-On
Spencer, The Right to Ignore the State
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Thoreau quote: The state has robbed and imprisoned me
Maybury quote: If progressive taxation is good, why not progressive pricing?
Armstrong, Individual Conscience: The Moral Challenge
MacCallum, Taxation Is Theft: A Constructive Explanation
Nozick quote: Taxation of earnings is on par with forced labor
Engelhardt, States and Their Authority
Giambruno, Property Rights and Property Taxes
Liggio quote: Where governments exist, private property rights are negated

Issue 166
Watner, Copyright Before (Statutory) Copyright
Potpourri From the Editor’s Desk
Williams quote: Don’t think you know what is right for the other person
Salinas quote: Good ideas don’t require force
Havel quote: It is better not to live at all than to live without honor
Breggin quote: You own yourself. Other people own themselves
Watner, What Voluntaryism Means To Me

Issue 167
Lowi: Voluntary Government as a Marketable Service: Reminiscences on the History of an Idea
Boren: Insurance Companies as Competing Governments: Whose Idea Was It?
Rand quote: When trade is free, the very best wins
Berwick quote: Anything that starts with force is bound to fail
Neff quote: Putting up with an evil does not endow it with moral standing
Childs quote: People in government have no special means of knowing
Galambos quote: A politician is a person who wields coercion
LeFevre: Let Us Imagine “Perfect” Protection
LeFevre quote: Setting the government to catch a thief doubles the amount stolen


Issue 168
Watner, On the Ownership of Ideas
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Spooner, If two men invent the same thing, then both own it.
Watner, An Open Letter to David Goldhill on Government Health Care

Issue 169
MacCallum, A Skeptic’s View of One’s Right to Defensive Force
Watner, Was Lysander Spooner Mistaken?
Furness, Put Up Thy Sword into The Sheath

Issue 170
Watner, Chaos in the Air?: Voluntaryism and the Airplane
Crovitz quote: The Internet is a rare place of permissionless innovation
Robie quote: How one man learned to fly in 1923

Issue 171
MacCallum, Looking Back and Forward
Watner, A Basic Primer on Using Gold and Silver
Byington quote: Legal tender laws only force men to take bad money.
Washington quote: Success is measured by the obstacles one has overcome in life
Kukathas quote: A central authority may produce results worse than the free market
Friedman: Both parties to an exchange benefit; otherwise it wouldn’t occur
LeFevre: Free Market Money


Issue 172
Watner, Poisoning the Public Mind
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Bankruptcy and Voluntaryism
Mencken, On the Public Schools
Galbraith quote: When people vote they accept the government as their own
Books Received
Unknown quote: It is never too late for an honest person to pay a debt

Issue 173
Watner, Slavery, One Day at a Time: Jury Duty and Voluntaryism
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Non-Voting
Unknown Quote: All laws are enforced at the point of a gun
Watner, My Day As A Juror

Issue 174
Watner, What Are We Using for Money?
Potpourri From the Editor’s Desk
Watner and Scotese, A Comparison of Monies
Kupiec Quote: Ultralow interest rates are toxic
Hulsmann Quote: Credit expansion does not increase the real factors of production
Roscoe, How and Why I Became a Libertarian
Sinek Quote: Responsibility is doing what is right
Freeman, “The 5,000-Year Government Debt Bubble”
Sandfort, Golden Disobedience

Issue 175
LeFevre, Protection
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Morley quote: Liberty is the object of a favourable presumption
Patterson, From Conservative to [Free-Market] Anarchist
Skoble quote: Opposition to political authority is not opposition to social order
Excerpt on the Law Merchant as an example of non-state order
Casey quote: The idea of that the state is necessary is the world’s biggest scam
Watner, A Companion Volume to I MUST SPEAK OUT: Stringham, PRIVATE GOVERNANCE
Loan quote, Social order requires norms of reciprocity, honesty, and trust


Issue 176
Watner, Why I Oppose Government Enumeration
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Smith, Abolitionism: Wendell Phillips on Voting and Political Action
Mencken, H. L. Mencken
Quote: It don’t take a big person to carry a grudge
Gibbons quote: Reform comes from within. You cannot legislate virtue
Great Depression Quote: Use it up – wear it out – or do without
Casey quote: Power not only corrupts, it draws the corrupt
Smith quote: Coercion is only necessary when persuasion fails
Stevenson quote: Judge each day, not by the harvest, but by the seeds you plant
Watner, Ludwig von Mises’ Blindspot

Issue 177
Watner, The Veneer of Legality
Gheorghiu quote: My life is my own
Watner, Book Review of LOOKING BACKWARD
Phocylides quote: Both the receiver and stealer are thieves
Casey quote: Only a state can kill large numbers of people
Nock quote: There is no human right not nullified by the US government
Hess, Anarchism Without Hyphens
Spencer quote: Property was well recognized before there was state law
Watner, You Don’t Own It or The Government as Landlord

Issue 178
Watner, Oh, The Joy(s) of Slavery!
Alexander and Watner, Would You Agree to This?
Sommmerville quote: To take property without consent was to steal
Casey, Bandit Gangs, All of Them
Higgs quote: Freedom is essential to the generation of truth
Nock quote: State power diminishes social power
Casey quote: You have to produce more than you consume to save
Chubb and Moe quote: Democracy is essentially coercive
Cody, The Author’s Story Behind LOOKING BACKWARD
Casey quote: Being alive doesn’t give you the right to demand things from other people
Price quote: Governments become oppressive when they see the people as their property and their possessions as a common stock
Solterdijk, The Grasping Hand – The Modern State Pillages Its Citizens

Issue 179
Smith, Voluntaryist Critics of State Education
Hoiles quote: The man who sanctions government education has no basis for opposing compulsory health insurance.
Anonymous quote: Government education is worse than highway robbery.
Hoiles quote: Most of our trouble comes from giving the government the right to tax.
Hoiles quote: Tax-supported schools advocate government intervention.
Durant: “The Political Elements of Civilization”


Issue 180
Watner with Duncan, The Rescue Project: “We Coerce You in the Name of Preventing Injustice”
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Casey Quote: Something legal and moral doesn’t mean it can’t be stupid
Piano Man Quote: There can be no virtue in compulsion
Quote: The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their true names
Kroc Quote: The more you sweat the luckier you get
Rand Quote: Ideas end where a gun begins
Hoppe Quote: Proponents of private property must necessarily be anarchists
Smith, Voluntaryist Critics of State Education (Concluding Section VII)

Issue 181
Watner, Respect for Life: A Voluntaryist Perspective on Abortion
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Quote: No matter who gets elected, the government always gets in
Smith, Abolitionism and Modern Voluntaryism
Zahn quote: Large scale slaughter of human beings is usually preceded by the effort to negate the humanity of the victims
Casey, A Few Last Words on Liberty

Issue 182
McElroy, Personal Reminiscences of Voluntaryism
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Ferguson quote: All fiat currencies implode, but in whose lifetime?
Mencken, Government: Its Inner Nature
Watner quote: Nothing good comes from stolen money
Mencken, More of the Same
Nock quote: The totalitarian state is the only kind of state
New Hampshire man quote: The government is the most successful gang
Knudson, Anarchist’s Progress
Diamond quote: Political law is the opposite of order
Maybury quote, Colonial America was a huge underground economy
Durant quote: Most men want laws for their neighbors but none for themselves
American patriot quote: I love my country but fear my government
Paine quote: People in society are able to provide everything government does for them
A Call to Readers and Writers
Myers, The Natural Law of Economics

Issue 183
McElroy, Demystifying the State
Marx quote: Politics is the art of looking for trouble
Sharp quote: A regime that can’t frighten is in big trouble.
Travers, GENE SHARP 1928-2018
Gandhi quote: Violence is temporary good and permanent harm.
Jefferson quote: Coercion makes fools and hypocrites.
Rose quote: Belief in government sustains war’s existence.
Friedman quote: Only children and nations use direct force.


Issue 184
Watner, Life, Liberty, and Quackery from a Voluntaryist Perspective
Hylton quote: If you promise something, do it or die
Higgs quote: States make the undesirable even more undesirable
Ping Fu quote: The way you think is always yours
Cohen quote: Being satisfied with less makes you happier
Greenhut quote: Telling the truth requires less memory
Quote: A happy person enjoys the scenery on a detour
Nock quote: The totalitarian State is the only kind of State
Ruiz quote: The Four Agreements
Casey quote: Government is highway robbery without the highway

Issue 185
Watner, Voluntaryism in the Libertarian Tradition
Watner, Thirty-Eight Years of THE VOLUNTARYIST
Ad for Volume 1, Whole Numbers 1-22
Anonymous quote: Wishing and working accomplish much
From A New Friend in Oregon
Maybury quote: Political power corrupts the holders as well as their minions
Watner quote: Many children attend government schools that legitimize governments
Stark quote: Taxation makes it a challenge to preserve one’s wealth, not make it grow
Dalai Lama quote: Violence begets violence
An Anonymous Lawyer, How I Became a Voluntaryist

Issue 186
Watner, The Creed of All Freedom-Loving Men: The Voluntaryist Spirit and Stoicism
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Quote: Stoics must respond with courage, temperance, wisdom and justice
Quote: Test test of a man is what he actually does
Carabini, How I Became an Anarchist

Issue 187
Watner, A Voluntaryist Bibliography
Casey, Sociopaths and the American Polity
Debs quote: I would not be a Moses
Guest quote: I would like a world where people can move freely
Maybury quote: Political power corrupts everything it touches
The Attitude of Early 19th Century American Temperance Societies


Issue 188
Smith, Party Dialogue (Part I)
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Madden quote: Compromise begets catastrophic consequences
Marcus Aurelius quote: If it is not right, don’t do it. If its not true, don’t say it.
Priestley quote: Why should one man pay for another’s religion or education?
Neff quote: If your guy wins, you will inevitably be betrayed by someone you supported
Anonymous (Dutch treatise), Freedom of Conscience
McCrackin, Pilgrimage of Conscience
McCrackin quote: To finance a war while preaching against it is no longer tenable

Issue 189
Smith, Party Dialogue, Part 2
Strebel, the Charles Dupont Story
Hulsmann quote: Monetary basement causes cultural and personal debasement.
Shapiro, Lotte Hendlich and “The German Hyperinflation,” 1922-1923
Grinder, An Intellectual and Political Disconnect
Bukovsky quote: The intelligentsia lie and seek power.
Ferguson quote: Fiat currencies self-destroy but we don’t know in whose lifetime.
von Greyerz quote: You can’t eat gold, or crypto-currency, or stock certificates.

Issue 190
Watner, Computers and Privacy: National Identification Revisited
Ragnar quote: The path to truth is arduous.
Netterville quote: Privacy is no more.
Read quote: The truth seeker has integrity.
Scotese quote: Human beings make progress when not coerced.
Rose, We Are Many, They Are Few: The Tiny Dot Explained

Digital Issue 191
Watner, “I Refused to Lie”
Popieluszko quote: An idea that needs violence to survive will die on its own
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Fate of America’s First Parkway and Other Land Grabs
Bloom quote: The most successful tyranny removes the awareness of other possibilities
Popieluszko quote: To be spiritually free one must live in truth
Milam, Informed Choice
Sakharov quote: Without ideals one is lost in darkness
Bromley, War Tax Resistance
Grossman quote: If one wishes to have peace, one must abolish the state

Digital Issue 192
Watner, Who Should Decide What Goes into a Can of Tomatoes? Food Laws from a Voluntaryist Perspective
Quote: Complete honesty in little things is not a little thing at all
Quote: The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary
Quote: The harder you work, the luckier you get
Quote: Love what you do at work, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life
Halle quote: Be honest, work hard, have fun, be grateful, and pay it forward

Digital Issue 193
Watner, Money Not Guns: Registration Then Confiscation
Maybury quote: Weapons are neutral
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Martin quote: Terrorist attacks increase the power of the State attacked
Smith, Voluntaryism: Nonviolent AND Non-political
Watner, A Way Out – Victory Without Violence
LeFevre quote: Truth stands by itself and needs no muscle
Netterville, Germans 13:1-7
Watner, Slavery and National ID
Neff quote: The burden of proof rests on those who advocate the State
Watner, The Logic of Anarchy

Digital Issue 194
Watner, Lysander Spooner: Ireland and Proprietary Justice
LeFevre quote: When it comes to government power, there are no good men
Casey, Doug Casey on the State
Sidentop quote: John of Paris on individual dominion over property
Hoppe quote: The rules of market behavior emerge spontaneously
Rand quote: Progress cannot be planned by government
Harari quote: Kingdoms were little more than large protection rackets
Brewer, Rediscovering the Golden Rule

Digital Issue 195
Watner, The Insane Manias: Pandemonium, Idiocy, and Lunacy
Galles quote: Under free enterprise people discover answers; governments pretends infallibility and then impose its answer
Friedman: Put the federal government in charge of the Sahara desert and there would soon be a shortage of sand
Watner, There Ought to Be a Better Way, Chapter 1
Merton quote: Climbing the ladder of success may show the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall
O’Grady quote: The weakest and vulnerable are better off under free enterprise
Quote: Birthdays are good: the more you have the longer you live
Justinian’s DIGEST quote: First user of unused property becomes its rightful owner
Knaebel quote:: We are a subjugated people in occupied territory
Kukathas quote: Just because the market does not have all the answers, does not mean that a central authority will produce better ones
Hoppe, The Private Sector: Natural Order and Immigration

Digital Issue 196
Watner, There Ought to Be a Better Way, Chapter 2
Quote: The choices you make determine your destiny
Dutkiewicz, Bircher Grandma to Voluntaryist Grandson
Quote: A squirrel hides his nuts, even in good times
Ragnar quote: Most important is where you want to go
Knaebel quote: To have a good future undertake good actions now
Quote: Knowing that you can win is more important than winning
Safire quote: The right to do something does not mean doing it is right
Some Thoughts on Honesty

Digital Issue 197
Watner, There Ought to Be a Better Way, Chapter 3 (Property and Law in a Free Society)
Cheng, More on Guns and Gold
Rothbard, “Will Rothbard’s Free-Market Justice Suffice?”

Digital Issue 198
Watner, There Ought to Be a Better Way, Chapter 4 (The Enforcers: the Police, The Law. And The Courts)
Forbes quote: Gold is like a measuring rod and does not restrict the money supply
Ritchie quote: Idiots drag you down and beat you with experience
Quote: The second mouse gets the cheese
Quote: Keep your words soft and sweet in case you have to eat them
Tannehill quote: Hiring a government to protect us is contradictory
Quote: Never put both feet in your mouth, otherwise you won’t have a leg to stand on
O’Rourke quote: If government were a product selling it would be illegal
Watner, Bailout of the American Government
Quote: If everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane

Digital Issue 199
Watner, There ought to Be a Better Way, Chapter 5 (Public Services in a Free Society)
Watner, The Money Really Was Gone!
Bonner quote: Fake money produces fake prosperity
Lewis quote: Why Gold? – Because It Works
Stolper quote: Money control is the most comprehensive of governmental controls
Quote: Governments tax the rich because that is where the money is
Watner, Insult Upon Injury: Measuring in Dollars

Digital Issue 200
Watner, Chapter 6: Smashing the Hardest Myths
Ecclesiastes quote: Better to give a small amount of your own money to charity than to steal from others to give a larger amount
Scotese quote: Governments feed on the productive through taxation and regulation
Smith quote: Force does not generate a moral obligation to obey
Ford quote: Look at what the American government has done to the Indian
Casey quote: Western civilization is built on voluntarism
Watner, Chapter 7: The “Solution” – The Voluntary Way

New Articles Not Assigned to a Specific Issue

Due to Carl’s prostate cancer, publication of regular and digital issues has been suspended. However, the good news is that articles, by Carl and others, continue to accumulate. We would like to share these with supporters of THE VOLUNTARYIST. Consequently, they are being posted online but are not being assigned to any specific newsletter.

Allison J. Marks and Fred G. Marks, “Andrew J. Galambos.”
John Nelson, “Auto Racing Safety – A Voluntaryist Enterprise.”
Carl Watner, “No Indians in Heaven.”
Carl Watner, “A Vault Full of Gold”

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