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The Voluntaryist - Back issues 1 - 190
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The Voluntaryist - 1982-1986: Reprint Volume 1, Whole Numbers 1 to 22.
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The Voluntaryist - 1987-1990: Reprint Volume 2, Whole Numbers 23 to 47.
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Issue 102
Watner, Ropes of Sand: Voluntaryism and Secessionism
Books Received for Review
Boulding, The Impact of the Draft on the Legitimacy of the National State

Issue 103
Watner, Is Voting an Act of Violence?
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Statement of Purpose
Ballou, The Superiority of Moral Power Over Political Power
Cartoon: Let’s have some fun and make them responsible for their own actions
Cartoon: You don’t have to fool all the people, only the ones on your jury
Cartoon: This guy refuses to file – says it?s illegal to do business with a hostile gov’t
Spooner, Against Woman Suffrage

Issue 104
Black, The “Not-So” Sweet Air of Legitimacy
Quote: Most law observance is voluntary
Cartoon: What?s with taxes? I thought the gov’t gave people stuff!
Quote: No matter who gets elected, the gov’t always gets in
Cartoon: Certainly this is a free country: you may pay anyway you choose
Neff quote: When your candidate wins, you’ll be betrayed by someone you supported
Lenin quote: The more we manage to shoot, the better
Cartoon: I’m from the IRS, testing our new tax simplification plan

Issue 105
Watner & Budziszewski, Is Taxation Theft?: An Exchange of Letters
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Quote: Killing one person is murder; killing 100,000 is foreign policy
Huxtable quote: What?s wrong for the robber is wrong for the state
Cartoon: I’m afraid your son just ain’t educable
Watner, “Nobody Cares About Hoiles; Everybody Cares About Freedom?”
Issue 106
Watner, Points of No Return
Hoiles, Freedom Or Government?
Hoiles, Protection by Voluntary Means
Quote: Find an American family where no one receives a check from the gov’t
Cartoon: In order to grant your wish, we need your id number
Caplan, How the Truth of Libertarianism Follows From the Wrongness of Slavery
Cartoon: When it comes to taxes, there are no stupid questions
Cartoon: New cars depreciate fast – but so does money
Licher, Declaration of Individual Independence

Issue 107
Watner, Count Me Out!


Issue 108
Watner, An Open Letter to Kerry Morgan, Author of REAL CHOICE, REAL FREEDOM IN AMERICAN EDUCATION
van Huizum quote: If gov?t is a worthwhile cause, why does it have to force people to contribute
Gatto quote: Going to school cannot make you wise
LeFevre quote: If gov’t is supposed to provide an education, why isn’t it also supposed to provide food, shelter, and clothing
Stiegler quote: Bureaucrats take small problems and make them big
Shaw quote: Liberty means responsibility; that is why most men dread it
Quote: When a 1000 people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing
Cartoon: Never say never: you just said it twice
Tucker, School and State

Issue 109
Watner, All Mankind Is One
Quote: To concede the idea of secession is to threaten the State
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Tucker quote: The statute book is society?s worst enemy
Hornberger, The Virtue of Freedom
Cartoon: Murdering is bad enough, but tax evasion hurts everyone
Quote: Optimists and pessimists look at an overflowing glass in different ways
Kahn quote: Innovate, don?t litigate
Murphy quote: The best way to win is to forget to keep score
Hoiles, Moral Ideas Tax-Supported Schools Cannot Teach

Issue 110
Watner, “Value You Me As You Please?”
Prechter, Paper: No Substitute for Gold!
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cartoon: I have a brother in politics, but we don?t like to talk about him
Watner, Fed Up with the Federal Reserve
Sylvester quote: The true principle of money is payment by weight of metal
Gatto quote: What should make you suspicious about public school is its relentless compulsion
Smith: Delegitimize: Do Not Repeal
LeFevre quote: Do not rely upon gov’t for anything at all
Rothbard quote: The gov’t and central bankers act as a Grand Counterfeiter
Quote: There has never been a paper currency that has not become worthless
Sanders, Meet the Most Dangerous Man In The Mid-South

Issue 111
Watner, Just Say “No!”
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Neff, “I’m Spartacus”
Foxfire quote: He wouldn?t give the gov’t his money
Sherrer, Three Who Just Said No!
Jaggard, Freedom Is Available
Woodworth, It Rests On You!


Issue 112
Watner, Titles In Search of Property: Should Fractional-Reserve Banking Come to an End?
Hoppe quote: Fractional reserve banking involves a conspiracy between the bank and its depositors
Coughlin, The Plunderers
Hoppe quote: Fiduciary media is created out of thin air
Hoppe quote: Fractional reserve banking exists only by the grace of statist courts
Porter, There Is an Alternative
Woodworth, A Few Reasons Not To Serve On Juries

Issue 113
Watner, Why Hans Sherrer?
Sherrer, Why I Wrote “O’Brien’s Map of the World?”
Boudreaux, The “A” Word
Cook quote: Politics comes from the Greek meaning “many bloodsucking insects”
Sherrer, O’Brien’s Map of the World
Asikatali quote: Even in jail we are free and kept alive by hope
Wallace quote: Every man dies
Hitchen quote: We are a nation of political laws
Hegel quote: The chief duty of the State is to destroy anyone who dares threaten its existence
Trachner quote: A politician steals from the people
Russell, Libertarians & Corporations

Issue 114
Blankertz, Tribal Anarchy vs. The State
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Quote: Need a helping hand; look at the end of your arm
Fuller, Letter from a Subscriber
Quote: Need a helping hand; look at the end of your arm
Fuller, Letter from a Subscriber
Quote: When people own things they care for them
Solzhenitsyn quote: Don?t take part in the lie: one word of truth outweighs the world
Sherrer, Non-Voting as an Act of Secession

Issue 115
Watner, An Open Letter to Frank Geisler and Frank Turek, Authors of LEGISLATING MORALITY: Is It Wise? Is It Legal? Is It Possible?
Watner, History Assumed!
Cartoon: 1984 – The Freeman
Fuller, Evolution to Voluntaryism
Belknap quote: Habits of decency, family gov’t, and examples of influential persons contribute more to maintain order than any other authority
Bulger quote: There is never a better measure of a man than what he does when no one is watching
Henderson quote: You cannot make men better by legislation and power over other men is always abused
Liggio quote: Legislation represents civil war
Stevens quote: What is voted up today may be voted down tomorrow
A Comparison of Real Money, Counterfeit Notes, and Federal Reserve Notes


Issue 116
Anonymous, Why I Refuse To Be Numbered
Persian proverb: Give a horse to him who tells the truth
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Mooney quote: Voting is a positive affirmation of our political system
Watner (William), What Constitutes a Weapon?
Biko, The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the minds of the oppressed
Books Received
Wittenberg, Just Think!
Quote: Socialism is only communism in disguise
Hart & Kaufman, “I Don’t Believe in Taxes?”
Blundell & Robinson quote: Rules are an essential part of life and they can be established through voluntary action
Twain, “I wish I could hear of a country that’s out of kings!”

Issue 117
Wolfe, Whose Name Is It Anyway? (Another Tiny Freedom We Ought to Preserve)
Wolfe, An Itty Bitty Guide to Name Changing
Cartoon: America’s Two-Party System: US vs. Them
Sirico quote: In a free market people succeed by serving their neighbors
Simpson quote: If a market isn’t free and voluntary it’s not a market
Juurikkala, How To Fight Against the State
Zweig quote: Blood besoils any idea on whose behalf it is shed
Correcting Common Misconceptions About Nonviolent Action
Russell quote: Love thine enemies – it befuddles them!
Oviedo, Only We Can Make Ourselves Safe: Personal Protection, Not Gov’t Protection

Issue 118
Watner: A Monopoly on the Means of Identification: The Evolution of the Compulsory State Birth and Death Certificate
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Quote: Even angels would be corrupted by gov’t power
Books Received
Lowi quote: Governments often fail, but they never fail to coerce
Hoppe quote: States do not create law and order; they destroy it
Zweig, Crushing the Spirit

Issue 119
Watner, The Precursor of National Identification Cards in the U.S.: Driver’s Licences and Vehicle Registration in Historical Perspective
Fay quote: Communism began when the gov’t began delivering the mail
Quote: The champion is not the one who wins, but the one who never quits
Brown quote: Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you’ll land among the stars
Huxley, In a totalitarian state, slaves love their servitude
Porpora quote: Doing nothing to oppose evil in our social and political system leaves us tainted by default
Cartoon: I represent United Muggers. You?ll not need to contribute till next year
Watner, Taxtion=Theft: Correspondence with Larken Rose


Issue 120
Hoppe, The Private Production of Defense
Hoppe quote: Protection cannot be provided by a tax-supported monopoly
Cartoon: Without taxes our govt would cease to exist
Hoppe quote: A tax-funded protection agency is a contradiction in terms
Watner quote: If taxes are voluntary why are we threatened with criminal sanctions
Harry Browne quote: We have gov’t created anarchy now. What we want is the natural order
Dillard, Voluntaryist Talking Points

Issue 121
Watner, “Your Papers, Please!”: The Origin and Evolution of Official Identity in the United States
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Quote: The Chinese farmers said, Let the state get out of the way!
Graham and Gurr quote: Violence breeds violence

Issue 122
Fuller, Insurance and the Government: Partners in America
Guitierrez, My Reaction to Voluntaria
Rand quote: Every undertaking requires voluntary consent
Lord quote: Governments love crisises
We Are Not Tax Exempt
Payne, My Route to Voluntaria

Issue 123
Watner, “Call the Cops – But Not the Police:” Voluntaryism and Protective Agencies in Historical Perspective
Quote: He who strikes first confesses he has run out of ideas
Quote: Stretching the truth, won’t make it last any longer
Quote: Legal immunity does not confer moral immunity
Maybury quote: The foundation of every government is its military power
Brosilov quote: You shall know the truth and it shall make you mad
Coleman quote: Governments are like tarantulas – always fighting
Russell quote: Anarchy nationally and internationally
Hasnas, The Myth of Law and Order


Issue 124
Watner, The Voluntaryist Spirit
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
National Identification Systems: Table of Contents

Issue 125
Watner, Voluntaryist Resistance
Watner, Birth Certificates and the Law
Maybury quote: Politicians who play God always do a bad job
King quote: If 5% of the population will resist, no obstacles stand in their way
Williams quote: Noble goals are always used to justify totalitarianism
Ragnar, “So, What Is It About ‘No’ That You Don’t Understand …?”

Issue 126
Watner, Quod Omnes Tangit: Consent Theory in the Radical Libertarian Tradition
Cohen quote, A single thief is a robber, a thousand it’s taxation
Friedman quote: The bad moral value of force always trumps good intentions
Viroli quote: Good men follow their consciences, not princes
Proverbs quote: Without vision the people perish
Browne quote: Politics can always sink lower
Watner, An Open Letter to John Silveira
Joe Sobran, How To Vote For Liberty

Issue 127
Watner, The Culture of Force
Ragnar, Grant No Man the Authority
Ehrlich quote: Society could hold together without coercion
O’Brien quote: A global prison without fences
Sharp, The Role of Consent
Holm quote: Never shirk your own responsibility
Migdal, quote: Even benign states make great demands
Books Received for Review
Solzhenitsyn, Violence and the Lie


Issue 128
Watner, Without Firing A Single Shot: Voluntaryist Resistance and Societal Defense
Gandhi quote: Strength comes from indomitable will
King quote: Violence is not only immoral, it is impractical
Gandhi quote: The soul remains unconquered even when the body is imprisoned
Brecht poem from A GERMAN WAR PRIMER
Roszak quote: Violence hasn’t worked for centuries
Nehru quote: Governments do not like to deal with people who will not bend to its will
Watner, The South Carolina backcountry folk would like to be left alone

Issue 129
Dillard, The Unconquered Remnant: The Hopis and Voluntaryism
Hennacy, An “Open Letter on Taxes”
Ragnar, The Father’s Stick
Ringer quote: The main hope for saving our country is home education
Watner, Remarks on the Homeschool Graduation of William Watner

Issue 130
Watner, On the History of the Word ‘Voluntaryism’
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Shepard, Justice That Unites
Milken quote: Revenge is not a productive emotion
Gandhi quote: No one has the right to coerce
Watner, The Myth of Government Protection

Issue 131
Watner The “Criminal” Metaphor in the Libertarian Tradition
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Chinese proverb: Don’t listen to what they say. Go see
Quote: Martial law: the complete negation of all law
Yeltsin quote: You can build a throne with bayonets, but you can’t sit on it long
Arendt quote: He who chooses the lesser of two evils forgets that he chose evil
Quote: Power corrupts and it attracts the corruptible


Issue 132
Livingston, What Is Secession?
Ludlow and Meyer, St. Francis and His Revolution
Sorokin quote: If our social order depended solely on the police, there would be perpetual disorder
Stacy, Questions Voluntaryists Should Ask About Literature
Kelly quote: Social progress depends upon an improvement in the moral tone of people
Ragnar, Don’t Get Caught in Anyone’s Net
Malcolm X quote: If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything
Brown quote: Don’t dismiss a good idea because you don’t like the source

Issue 133
Watner, The Territorial Assumption: Rationale for Conquest
Thomas, A Letter to the Editor
Johnson, “The Century of the State”
Twain: It ain’t no lie; I’ve seen it on the map, and it’s pink
TRUTH SEEKER quote: From the moon, the earth has no nations or states
Maurin quote: He who is a pensioner of the state is a slave of the state
Milam quote: The Doctrine of Personal Sovereignty
Payne, What Can I Do? A Constructive Mission for Voluntaryists

Issue 134
Watner, Why Voluntaryism and Liberty Don’t Depend on Taxes or Government
Fargo, Charity in the Land of Individualism
Molyneux quote: The existence of evil cannot justify the State
Herring quote: A negative deed destroys a thousand good words
French proverb: There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience
Leon quote: Governments are not the cause of a lack of freedom – they are the result
Rogers quote: You can’t break a man that don’t borrow
MacCallum, Werner K. Stiefel’s Pursuit of a Practicum of Freedom

Issue 135
Davies, Changing Minds
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Casey quote: The thought of how far the human race might have advanced without government is staggering
Stevens quote: Does my neighbor [or a government bureaucrat] have the right to do this to me
Davies quote: The only way to abolish war is to abolish government
Stevens quote: Would the Founding Fathers have jailed a person who refused to contribute to government?
van Dunn, What Is Kritarchy?


Issue 136
Smith, Introduction To The Lysander Spooner Reader
Anonymous, Letter to the Editor
Machan quote: What Individual Rights Mean
Sirico quote: What Voluntary Means
Spooner quote: There is no necessity for the government minting of money
Society vs. The State

Issue 137
Knaebel, How I Became A Voluntaryist: A Farewell to Tax-Financed Murder
French proverb: There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience
Chafuen quote: There is no country so comfortable as where there are no tax collectors
Jewish proverb: When one is on the right road, one is bound to meet other travelers
Russell quote: Taxation is the root cause of war because without taxes there could be no wars
Emerson quote: For every minute of anger, you lose sixty seconds of happiness
Shabbat quote: The law of two feet
FIJA quote: The greatest threat to your liberty comes from your own government
Shabbat quote: One is accountable if one does not protest or prevent the commission of a sin

Issue 138
Watner, A Moral Challenge
Harris quote: A necessary evil looks more and more necessary and less and less evil
Anti-Federalist quote: The experience of the ages teaches that men exercise all the power they can
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Every State a Police State
Trotsky quote: Though governments change, the police remain the same
Watner, A Letter to the Home School Legal Defense Association
Watner, Gradualism in Practice: The Danger of Compulsory National ID
Salatin quote: We need to examine what is right and then do it
Abbey quote: Anarchism is the realization that after five thousand years we cannot trust politicians
Jesus on Taxes
A Plea To Help Keep Us Alive (In Print And On The Web)

Issue 139
MacCallum, A Short Perspective on Land and Social Evolution
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
MacCallum, Features of Somali Law
The Man Who Saved 2.4 Million Eyes
Barclay, Comments on Anarchy and Modern Society


Issue 140
Watner, Only Freedom Breeds Excellence
Watner, Look Around!
Hasnas, The Obviousness of Anarchy
McQuaid quote: The state school system is unadulterated communism
Gandhi quote: Government schooling has trained us to hug our chains
Adams quote: Government schooling gives us the illusion of freedom
Franklin quote: When religion and schools are good they require no compulsory support
Quote: I complained of no shoes until I met a man with no feet
Mon quote: Compulsory government schools teach us that it’s okay to use force to solve our problems
Baines quote: Liberty is the chief cause of excellence
Ostrowski, A Real Education

Issue 141
Watner, Voluntaryism (for wikipedia)
Watner: Moral Challenge II
Quote: Look at something and see what is there; not what you think is there
Quote: Those silent in the face of crime become accessories; those who do not condemn – approve
Davis quote: No human is saintly enough to be entrusted with total power over another
Abbey quote: Few men are wise enough to rule themselves; even fewer wise enough to rule others
Quote: If you can’t be thankful for what you receive, be grateful for what you escape
Watner to Supreme Court Justice Thomas: Are Taxes Theft?
Marshall quote: For every benefit a freedom must be surrendered

Issue 142
Watner: An Open Letter: On Extraordinary Evil and the State
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Huber, Last Statement Before the Court
Sherrer, There Is No Private Property in the United States
Watner: An Open Letter to Rev. Robert Sirico
Hess, My Taxes
Higgs, The Siren Song of the State
Jennings Quote: Rulers assume great moral rectitude yet deceive themselves and the public

Issue 143
Crovelli, The Catholic Church’s Confused Ideas About Stealing
Solzhenitsyn quote: Once violence is chosen as a method, falsehood becomes principle
Watner: An Open Letter to Robert Ringer
Msgr. Fulton Sheen Quote: Right is right, wrong is wrong though everybody is wrong
Mathew 7:15-16 Quote: Guard against false prophets
McElroy quote: Never have so many Americans depended on government
J. B. Say quote: Taxes are a violation of property
Russell quote: Only the IRS could invent the oxymoron ‘voluntary compliance’
Watner: Spending Other People’s Money: A Simple Explanation
Lover of Liberty quote: The greatest bondage is handing any body of men the power to tax

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John Nelson and Dave Scotese provided these indices for issues 1 - 190:
Index of Authors | Index of Subjects
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