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John Nelson and Dave Scotese provided these indices for issues 1 - 190:
Index of Authors | Index of Subjects

The Voluntaryist - Back issues 1 - 190
Hardcopy Sets: (**) + shipping.
PDFs on a thumbdrive: (**) postpaid (to US addresses only).

The Voluntaryist - 1982-1986: Reprint Volume 1, Whole Numbers 1 to 22.
This volume contains facsimile copies of the first 22 issues of the newsletter and includes a Person/Name Index for all issues from 1 to 181. Paperback, 204 pages. (**) postpaid (to US addresses only).

The Voluntaryist - 1987-1990: Reprint Volume 2, Whole Numbers 23 to 47.
This volume contains facsimile copies of issues 23 through 47 of the newsletter and includes a Person/Name Index for all issues from 1 to 181. Paperback, 232 pages. (**) postpaid (to US addresses only).


Issue 1
Smith, The Ethics of Voting, Part I
McElroy, Neither Bullets Nor Ballots
Watner, Books of Interest: Gene Sharp, THE POLITICS OF NONVIOLENT ACTION
No Comment Department

Issue 2
Petersen, From Politics to Voluntaryism
McElroy, Let My People Go
Smith, The Ethics of Voting, Part II
Statement of Purpose


Issue 3
Laughlin, Why I Quit The Libertarian Party
McElroy, Climbing Off the Bandwagon
LeFevre, How to Become a Teacher
Watner, Books of Interest: Gene Sharp, GANDHI AS A POLITICAL STRATEGIST
Statement of Purpose

Issue 4
McElroy, Interview with Paul Jacob
Smith, The Ethics of Voting, Part III
Statement of Purpose

Issue 5
Smith, Murray Rothbard, Voluntaryism, & the Great Gandhi Smear
Statement of Purpose

Issue 6
Watner, Interview with Carl Watner
McElroy, The Party Line on a Party Line
Smith, For the Record
Knudsen, Revolution: The Road to Freedom?
Statement of Purpose

Issue 7
Watner, From the Bowels of the Beast
LeFevre, Cutting Government Growth
Dove, A Political Prisoner


Issue 8
Watner, Hanging Not Punishment Enough: The Story Behind Prison Slavery

Issue 9
Tandy, Methods
Watner, Ideas Have Consequences
Watner, Books of Interest: Benjamin Ginsberg, THE CONSEQUENCES OF CONSENT
Quotable: Thomas Hodgskin on bringing legislation into contempt
Jacob, Speak Up! Stand Up!

Issue 10
Watner, Noiseless Revolution
McElroy, Anarchist Communities: An Analysis of Anarcho-Zionism

Issue 11
Watner, Pro-Government Anarchists: Anarchists Have Forgotten Their Principles
Watner & Bilzi, What’s Next in the Pursuit of Liberty?
Mack, Auberon Herbert, Voluntaryist

Issue 12
Watner, George Meeks!
You, Your Rights, and the FBI
Watner, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Mencken, What I Believe
Cartoon: How can you be disappointed, nobody won

Issue 13
McElroy, Pornography Peril
McElroy, Update on Paul Jacob
Watner, Update on George Meeks
Jacobson, Letter to the Editor
Watner, The Second Relic of Barbarism: The Crusade Against Mormon Polygamy


Issue 14
Smith, An Introduction to Voluntaryist Strategy
Watner, Freedom School II
Vandersteel, Business Keeps Business Honest
McElroy, What Does It Mean to be an Individual? (Self-ownership & abortion)

Issue 15
Smith, Property Rights and Free Trade in Ideas

Issue 16
McElroy, Contra Copyright
Statement of Purpose
Watner, Health Freedoms in the Libertarian Tradition
Solan, Book Review: Mimi Gladstein, THE AYN RAND COMPANION

Issue 17
Statement of Purpose
Watner, Button Pushing or Abdication: Which?
Konkin, Pushing One’s Buttons
Update on Paul Jacob
Watner, The Decision Is Always Yours-Freedom as Self-Control
Hoiles, Unlimited Voluntary Exchanges
Koontz, Living Slavery and All That


Issue 18
Watner: To Thine Own Self Be True-Hoiles and the Freedom Newspapers
Watner, By Way of Explanation
Statement of Purpose
Solan, A Letter from the Governor of Connecticut
Watner, A Further Note on Freedom As Self-Control

Issue 19
Lowi, Legitimacy and Elections
Cartoon: Nothing against anarchy as long as I am the anarch
Statement of Purpose
Shaw, Who Makes the Coffee in Your Office?
Watner, Book Review: Shaffer, CALCULATED CHAOS
Koman, John Zube and Microfiche
A New Covenant

Issue 20
Watner, A Freedom Philosopher: Robert LeFevre, 1911-1986
Watner, Another Explanation!
Cullinane, Eulogy for Robert LeFevre
Watner, The United States OR America?
Konkin, Copywrongs
White, The Copyright Issue
Flood, Review: Bidinotto, LIBERTARIANISM
Directory Lists Computer-Connected Libertarians
Statement of Purpose
Watner, Meeting Practical Objections to the Free Market
Durant, The State
Anonymous, “1984”

Issue 21
Watner, A Plague on Both Your Houses
Pearse, Letter to the Editor
Shaffer, Communications
Johnson, Government-The Bad News

Issue 22
Watner, Editor’s Note to International Crime Bulletin
Rummel, Wanted: The State
Szasz, The Psychiatric Will
Watner, Help and Respond!


Issue 23
Watner, Hard Money in the Voluntaryist Tradition
Watner, Re: Bob LeFevre’s Biography
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Strider, The Search for Peace

Issue 24
Quigley, Public Authority and the State in the Western Tradition
DeJan, Open Systems vs. Closed Systems
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Johnson, Why I Detest the State
Cartoon: I had the notion since I earned it, it was mine!
Statement of Purpose
Ten Pillars of Economic Wisdom
The Wheel of Economic Progress

Issue 25
Watner, Thinkers and Groups of Individuals Who Have Contributed Significant Ideas or Major Written Materials to the Radical Libertarian Tradition
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Beyond the First Amendment
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Sherman, The Inflation of Rights

Issue 26
Rothbard, The Voluntaryist Insight
Watner, It’s Only Just A Beginning: Reflections on Being a New Father
Cartoon: Breakdown of parental authority-you want me to buck the system?
Shaffer, Constitutions: No Authority
LeFevre, Truth Is Not a Half-Way Place, To Seek the Second Summit
Watner, Freedom Country
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Palven & Johnson, Open Letter and Response

Issue 27
Tinker, The Power of Non-Violent Resistance
Watner, The Noose Is Tightening: The Threat to Your Stash of Cash
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Wilcox, What Is Political Extremism?
Curley, Voluntary Musings

Issue 28
Pugsley, The Case Against T-Bills & Other Thoughts on Theft
Watner, We’re All Inside Traders
Watner, And Every Man Did What Was Right in His Own Eyes
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Watner, A Moral Riddle?
Mail Auction

Issue 29
Watner, Free Banking and Fractional Reserves
White, Free Banking and Fractional Reserves: A Reply
Watner, What Are We For? What Do We Believe?
Watner, What Is Our Plan?
PREVENTION Magazine chart for regenerative living
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Curley, Voluntary Musings


Issue 30
Watner, If This Be Treason, Make the Most of It!
Watner, Some Critical Considerations on the United States Constitution
Watner, The Noose Tightens Another Notch (employment eligibility form)
We Don’t Need to Say It, He Already Has!
Watner, My 1988 New Year’s Resolution
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Voluntaryist Research Topics
Was Aesop a Voluntaryist?
Block, A Free Market in Kidneys
What to Do When the FBI Comes
Smith, Letter to the Editor
Anderson, A Vignette from History, Rose Wilder Lane
Cartoon: Which variety of absolute despot: Democrat or Republican?

Issue 31
Watner, I Don’t Want Nothing from Him!
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cullinane, A Summary of the 10 Planks of Communism
LeFevre, Unlimited Government
Paine, Of Society and Civilization
Doughtery, A Commitment to Voluntaryism
Watner, Libraries in the Voluntaryist Tradition
Mayer, The Day the World Was Lost
Watner, My 1988 New Year’s Resolution
Another Great Moment in American History: Gold Confiscation Order

Issue 32
Watner, Property Rights or Eminent Domain?
Paul, Reply to Book Review
Maybury, Trust Government, Not the Free Market
Contributors to the LeFevre Book Fund
Curley, Letter to the Editor
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Jaggard, My Peace
Watner, The Constitution and Unsound Money
Cartoon, IRS: Walk in with your hands up
Strider, Make Money, Not War!

Issue 33
Watner, Book Review: Bukovsky, TO CHOOSE FREEDOM
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Butler, Letter to the Editor
Watner, Reply to letter
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Cartoon: Fighting over which is most committed to peace
Cartoon: Nothing personal, I’d be voluntaryist no matter who was king
Hess, Man for All Seasons-Foreword to LeFevre’s Biography
Contributors to LeFevre Book Fund

Issue 34
Watner, Does Freedom Need to be Organized?
LeFevre, How Can We Do It?
Watner, The Struggle for Religious Freedom in the Voluntaryist Tradition
Cartoon: I’m from the government & here to help you
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Chodorov, Peace or Politics
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Johnson, Fable for the Silly Season

Issue 35
Rothbard, Preface to The Production of Security
Molinari, The Production of Security
Watner, The Myth of Political Freedom
Curley & Chandler, Being an Individual
Curley, Voluntary Musings
A Warning from Benjamin Franklin
Cartoon: He stands there all day, saying nothing & calls it politics
Glick, Contra the New Covenant
Is There a Secret Voluntaryist on the staff of the WALL ST. JOURNAL?
Cartoon: We don’t have to fool all the people, only the 30% that vote


Issue 36
Watner, Private Money Firsts
Watner, How Bob LeFevre Found Me a Wife
Nock, The Criminality of the State (1939)
Upton quote-history of currency is little else than state interference
Watner: A ‘Pis Aller,’ Book Review of Morgan, INVENTING THE PEOPLE

Issue 37
Watner, The Exit Option
Watner, Conflicts of Allegiance, Book Review of THE TREE OF LIBERTY
Reich quote-political boundaries are not real for business purposes
Nock, Isiah’s Job
Cartoon: Taxed out of existence
Cartoon: Re-election-not as corrupt as you think
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Contributors to the LeFevre Book Fund
Make Haste Slowly
Chomsky quote-government better control what the people think
Chomsky, Propaganda, American-Style

Issue 38
Watner, Not A Noise, But a Racket!
Watner, Hard Money, Soft Money, and Government Money!
Watner, A Way Out-Victory Without Violence
Freeman quote: rumored that Greece will honor the unknown taxpayer
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Cartoon: We could afford a tax cut if there weren’t revolutions
Watner, Creature of the State?
Cartoon: This is an IRS coup
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Russell, Freedom Works Both Ways

Issue 39
Bourne, War Is the Health of the State
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cartoon: I really don’t think you’ve given democracy a chance
Cartoon: Tell him you’re a lawyer
Mencken: A Frank Confession of Faith
Cartoon: That’s William Penn-a Mover and a Quaker
Quote-The orangutan is human but speechless to avoid taxes
Quote-A penny tax is trifling, but the power to impose it is awesome
Russell, A Short History of Liberty

Issue 40
Statement of Purpose
Watner, The Fundamentals of Voluntaryism
Watner, Cultivate Your Own Garden: No Truck with Politics
Watner, Tucker: Reflections on the Second Time Around
Cartoon: Thumb-sucking is a victimless crime
Cartoon: You’re free to do anything you want; though you may go to jail
Cartoon: Cutting off your head is part of the political process.
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Watner, Market Entrepreneurs vs. Political Entrepreneurs: Book Review
Cartoon: You’ll have to raise taxes; I promised not to
Hopkins: quote-those who are taxed at pleasure are slaves
Literature available

Issue 41
Watner, Voluntaryism on the Western Frontier
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cartoon: That wet paint is government property!
Hassle or Castle? The Story of a House without a Permit
Cartoon: The City Zoning Commission is getting out of hand
Amador, Everybody a Millionaire
Cartoon: Take that ‘Customer Is Always Right’ sign down
Jaggard, Freedom Is Available

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John Nelson and Dave Scotese provided these indices for issues 1 - 190:
Index of Authors | Index of Subjects
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