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Issue 42
Watner, Two Undergrounds: The Case for Disobedience to Wicked Laws
Watner, Emergencies!
Cartoon: I decided to fight the system & it fought back
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Quote: Not being totally responsible leads to irresponsibility
Cartoon: The bucks stops here and the government takes 45%
Quote: The vision of 100 million taxpayers paying is exquisite
Semmens, Freer Is Safer

Issue 43
Watner, The Sin of the Intellectuals
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cartoon: Isn’t eternal vigilance a little paranoid?
Cartoon: If the pen is mightier than the sword, why no pen control laws?
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Cartoon: This is government property
Martin: What I Don’t Believe

Issue 44
Tilly, War Making and State Making as Organized Crime
Quote: When Congress makes a joke, its a law
Cartoon: The people are holding on to their money
Quote: The Defense Department is the world’s third largest planned economy
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Cartoon: Temporary taxes hang on and on
Quote: An honest politician is as unthinkable as an honest burglar

Issue 45
Watner, Voluntaryism and the English Language
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, The Case Against Democracy
Nisbet quote: No difference between totalitarian and democratic governments
Cartoon: We don’t let people in unless they cheated on their taxes
Cartoon: Elections should be more frequent-they wouldn’t have time to legislate
Quote: No man is physically enslaved until he is first mentally enslaved
Cartoon: Farm program goes against my ‘grain’
Some FREE LIFE Sayings

Issue 46
Watner, “Voluntary” Contributions to the National Treasury: Where Does One Draw the Line?
Nisbet, Cloaking the State’s Dagger
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cartoon: I work the first 5 months of the year to pay my taxes
Quote: The history of political thought is a history of one euphemism after another to disguise the naked power of the state
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Helming, We’re Just Parents!
Cartoon: It’s a good thing courtesy doesn’t cost anything-otherwise they’d find a way to tax it
Pearls of Wisdom from the Past: James Arrington Clay, “Of Government”

Issue 47
Watner, Weights and Measures: State or Market?
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Voluntaryism in the Evolution of the Oil Industry
Cartoon: They got me for filing a frivolous tax return
Heinlein quote: There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Anything free costs twice as much in the long run or turns out to be worthless
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Coughlin, Letter to the Editors
Watner, Book Review-C.V. Myers, FIFTY YEARS IN THE FURNACE


Issue 48
Watner, An Octopus Would Sooner Release Its Prey: Voluntaryism vs. Educational Statism
Herbert quote: Government and individual effort cannot live side by side
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, The Chickens Come Home to Roost-The Master Plan for “Tightening the Noose”
Burnham quote: The IRS-twice as big as the CIA
Cartoon: There are limits to your freedom: you’re entitled to your opinion, but not your money
Quote: A child educated only at school is an uneducated child
Buber quote: “Society and the State”
Quote: One good mother is worth a hundred school teachers
Cartoon: I had to stay after school: They caught me reading
Harper, Try This On Your Friends

Issue 49
Watner, Man Without A Country
Hanjian, Citizenship Papers
Lippman quote: The modern absolute state claims total power, whether it is communist, fascist, or democratic
Cartoon: Suppose I refuse to pay-how many years do I get?

Issue 50
Pearse, Why Not More Freedom?
Watner, “Like a Voice Crying in the Wilderness”-A Restatement of Purpose
Socrates quote: Let him that would move the world, first move himself
Garrison quote: The public good can never require the sacrifice of the individual, for to do evil that good may come is absurd
Cartoon: Here is our most essential man-he thinks up new social problems
Curley, Voluntary Musings
Cartoon: I couldn’t find the fairy tale book, so I’m going to read to you from the Congressional record
Jaggard, I Do Have a Choice
Freedom School Bulletin, A Study in Freedom
Points to Ponder

Issue 51
Watner, Chaos in the Air: Voluntaryism or Statism in the Early Radio Industry?
Watner, Trust Not in Princes
Nietzsche quote: Insanity is a rare thing in individuals, but habitual to groups, parties and ages
Sagehorn, Such Is Progress
Cartoon: Its great working for the government
Cartoon: Politics is innuendo and out the other
Thanks to Rex May
Ziesing, Personal Anarchy

Issue 52
Watner, Voluntaryism and the Evolution of Industrial Standards
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cartoon: A government grant for writing a book on free enterprise
Cartoon: Bureau of Stadnards [sic]
Cartoon: A new idea that will benefit mankind: taxes
Glasner, The Threat of Voluntary Associations

Issue 53
Watner, “One of our Most Human Experiences”: Voluntaryism, Marriage, and the Family
Cartoon: Let the free market take care of you
Quote: If you want your children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders
Cartoon: I now pronounce you man and wife-here’s your list of federal guidelines
Quote: Literature is mostly about having sex and not much about having children; life is the other way around
Quote: Cooperation, not conflict, has been the most valuable form of human behavior
Danielson, An Answer to David Pearse: A Free Society Isn’t an Unrealistic Goal
Gatto, Why Schools Don’t Educate


Issue 54
Crespo, Medicine: Deregulated or Dead
Watner, Of Hippocratic Medicine, Pythagoras, and Voluntaryism
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Quote: Learn from the mistakes of others. You won’t live long enough to make them all yourself
The Hippocratic Oath
Frankl quote: Freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin
Brembeck quote: Fundamental change in society has always come from vast numbers of people changing their minds just a little
Lessing, The Power of the Individual
Skousen, Persuasion versus Force

Issue 55
Watner, “For Conscience’s Sake”
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Academic Freedom
LeFevre, I Am The Spirit of Liberty
Harper, The Open Society
Bakunin, “For Reasons of State”

Issue 56
Watner, Voluntaryists and Indians: Proprietary Justice and Aboriginal Land Rights
Watner, Rightful Property Ownership and Wrongful Possession
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Some FREE LIFE Sayings
Woodcock, Anarchy Is Where You Find It
Hoiles, Letter to the Editor-Taxation vs. Human Nature
Bakunin, Natural Law and Authority

Issue 57
Watner, What We Believe and Why
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Anderson, Limited Government-A Moral Issue?
Eviction and Arrest for War Tax Resisters in Colrain, Mass.
Watner, Winning the Battle, Losing the War
Cartoon: It is no longer cost-effective to handle cash
Clark, Notes on War and Freedom
Arthur, “Government Enterprise”
Deming, The Political Enemy Is Politics Itself

Issue 58
McElroy, We Believe
Watner, Bad Or Worse!
Cartoon: I don’t trust people who work for the government
LeFevre quote: It is morally incorrect to knowingly select a wrongful course simply because it appears to be less wrong than some alternative. The lesser of two evils is still evil
Mon, War & Education
Rogers quote: “Taxes” must have been one of the most prolific animals aboard Noah’s ark
Reed, As Values Collapse, Government Grows
Hoiles, Initiation of Force
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Koestler quote: The number of victims of robbers, etc. is negligible compared to the massive numbers slain in the name of politics
Cartoon: And I say to you-I am the lesser of two evils
Hegener, On Our Children and Their Education

Issue 59
Watner, Who Controls the Children?
Cullinane, “Flint and Steel” The Memoirs of a Superfluous Spark
Adams, “Drawing the Line”
Ybarra quote: Cops are the real rulers of your everyday life
Cartoon: What do you mean, the government’s out to get you? It’s already got you!
Hess, The Death of Politics
Medved quote: Change, when it comes, will be a grass roots revolution
Quote: Force is no remedy. You cannot conquer ideas with bullets
Cartoon: Mr. Larabee won’t negotiate with terrorists
Moyers, The Philosophy of Immunization
Who We Are and Why We Are the Way We Are
Stevens quote: The truth shall make you free, but first it will make you miserable


Issue 60
Johnson, Freedom: The Moral Foundation
Watner and Bellerue, Would You Have Signed the Declaration of Independence?
Cartoon: You paid your withholding taxes, but what have you done for us lately?
Scherman quote: The game of rulership-how much can be seized from whom without engendering revolution
Cartoon: As long as they are busy burning flags, they are not burning you
LeFevre, The Illegality, Immorality, and Violence of All Political Action
Durant quote: The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character
Schuermann, God’s Ambush
Cartoon: The number you have reached has been taxed out of existence
Lilburne quote: There is no such slavery as that which is brought upon the people by the presence of law and their own voluntary consent
Tolstoy quote: War and Killing are carried on by men. When men understand that, then these things will cease to exist.
Dromgoole, The Bridge Builder
Bellerue, Politicians: M.Y.O.B.!
Bunche quote: There are no warlike peoples-just warlike leaders

Issue 61
Watner, The Most Generous Nation on Earth: Voluntaryism and American Philanthropy
Graham, My Father’s Bridge to the Saturday Girls
Getty quote: The best form of charity is meeting a payroll
Lowell quote: The problem of charity
Rosenau quote: Those capable should assume the care of a single family
Cartoon: All donations go directly to me
Ringer quote: No one has the right to force men to be charitable. I am not against charity, but I am against the use of force.
Watner, Seizure Fever

Issue 62
A Friend of Paine, A Declaration of Personal Independence
Watner, In All But Name
Macaulay quote: Some Caesar or Napoleon will seize the government or it will be plundered by Huns and Vandals that have been engendered by your own institutions
A Friend of Paine, Letter to the Editor
Cartoon: This tax hike is another step to a cashless society
Bracken, Flint and Steel II
Cartoon: Your frozen assets have been dropped and they broke
Fresia quote: The Constitutional Convention was actually a coup d’etat
Jaggard, Let Freedom Reign
Miller, Would You Have Signed the Declaration of Independence?
Romtvedt, Loyalties

Issue 63
Dowd, A Voluntaryist Path To A Free-Market Money
Taxpayer, A Note To The Commissioner
Cartoon: It would be more merciful just to enslave them
Bellerue: Who We Are
Goldfinger quote: Double your money by folding it
Duffy, Take Care of Yourself
Weaver quote: Americans had no plan; they had the personal freedom to plan their own affairs
Better Homes and Gardens quote: Blaming politicians is like condemning hammers for causing profanity
Statement of Purpose
Quote: Without political laws wise men would live the same
Christensen, Abolish the Family?

Issue 64
Watner, Major Crimes of the United States Government: 1776-1993
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Endsley, Nutrition Is Too Important To Be Left to the Free Market
Baez quote: Nonviolence is a flop. The only bigger flop is violence.
Meyer, Thoughts on Nonviolence

Issue 65
LeFevre, Freedom-A Way, Not a Goal
Gordon, Freedom Is A Two-edged Sword
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Watner, Caveat Emptor! (Even in the Free Market)
Hegener and Watner, Why Homeschool?
Bendix quote: A Duty of Citizenship
Frost quote: We call ourselves free because we must attend school
Arrendt quote: Aim of totalitarian education is to destroy the capacity to form convictions
Whitehead quote: Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
Friend of LeFevre, Letter to the Editor
Quote: No other success can compensate for failure in the home
Meyer, I Do Not Like It, Uncle Sam
Cartoon: You can’t go shopping; I promised we wouldn’t interfere in the marketplace
Paine’s Torch, Grateful Slave
To Risk: Slaves are chained by their attitudes. Only a person who risks is free.
Watner, No Guarantees: Freedom Depends on You!
Make One Small Change In Your Life


Issue 66
Watner, Patriotism or Voluntaryism?: “Anywhere So Long As There Be Freedom”
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Schuermann, Thoughts At the Lincoln Memorial
Neubauer quote: It is better to be crudely right than precisely wrong
Wheeler quote: The way to get rid of corruption in high places is to get rid of high places
Quote: By institutionalizing their monopolistic controls over all geographic areas on this planet, governments have transformed the known world into a vast prison
Smith, What If? When Anybody’s Rights Are Threatened, Everybody’s Rights Are
Meyer quote: Freedom implies error as well as truth; no one should have the power to impose beliefs by force
Cartoon: Never mind the dirty stuff, burn the books on economics
Hawblitzel, Letter to the Editor
Logsdon, Amish Economics: A Lesson for the Modern World

Issue 67
Watner, “By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them”: Voluntaryism and the Old Order Amish
Reader’s Digest quote: Those who tell white lies soon go colorblind
Cartoon: You mean war isn’t in the public interest?
Peachey, The Man Who Would Not Shoot
Abileah quote: All wars are civil wars because all men are brothers
Cartoon: Your arteries are clogged; stop living off the fat of the land
Quote: Wisdom is knowing what to do. Virtue is doing it
Quote: If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain
Meyer quote: Men cannot be forced to be free; no act that is forced can partake of virtue or vice
Gilson, Letter to the Editor
Carlson, “For Me, That’s Enough”
Quote: Life deals the cards; the way you play them is up to you

Issue 68
Watner, Un-Licensed-Un-Numbered-Un-Taxed
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
This Far: No More!
Countdown To Extinction
Letter to Editor
Pugsley quote: All government programs accomplish the opposite of what they are designed to achieve
Cartoon: Do this! Do that! You sound like my mother
Watner, Forfeiture Laws: A Reminder from the Past
Cartoon: What’s so bad about organized crime-you guys are organized
Computers and Government!
Ji, 14th Century Chinese Story Teaches Non-cooperation
Orwell quote: Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable
van Huizum, Lao-Tzu and the Anarchists
Ross, Some Advice for the Russian Congress
Lavoie quote: Central planning is more chaotic than capitalist depressions at their worst

Issue 69
Watner, Rediscovering Charles Lane
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cartoon: If the economy is so healthy, why do I keep giving it transfusions?
“Crisis Management”-Government Style
Watner, “Stone Walls Do Not A Prison Make”: The Mayville Five-Prisoners of Conscience
Cartoon: You are under arrest for disturbing the peace
Lovelace, To Althea, From Prison
Lapp, Letter to the Editor
Lapp, Let Our People Go
Cartoon: Terrorists put truth serum in our coffee
Braley, Fresh Every Hour
Braley, The Little Tin Gods
Dreas, Independent Sovereign
Rogers quote: If you injected truth into politics, you’d have no politics

Issue 70
Browne, A Visit to Rhinegold
Watner, Anya Colleen: That’s What Family, Friends, and Neighbors Are For
Statement of Purpose
Watner (Julie), A Definition of Freedom

Issue 71
Watner, Highway Tax vs. Poll Tax: Some Thoreau Tax Trivia
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cartoon: Whether the glass is half empty or full is unimportant; it is who owns the glass
Zweig quote: One who has appealed to force must use force to the end
Conger, An Anti-Electorate Manifesto
Farnam, Early Government Legislation in the United States: The Constitution, Direct Taxation, and Seamen
Cartoon: You are entitled to your opinion, but not your money
Swindoll quote: Life is 10% what happens, and 90% attitude
McKells, On States of Mind


Issue 72
Watner, “Sweat Them At Law With Their Own Money”: Forfeitures and Taxes in American History
Carter, George Washington And The Whiskey Tax
Watner quote: The State has nothing of its own, wants everything, and will do everything to get it
Cartoon: Politicians put my money where their mouth is
Cartoon: Power corrupts; present company excepted
International Forfeiture Alert!
Wentworth quote: Sweet is the name of liberty
Woodworth, Government Is An Unnecessary Evil

Issue 73
Watner, Whose Property Is It Anyway?
Browne, The Breakdown of Government
Mann quote: Those who speak truths are liable to get hurt, but they are the closest thing we have to hope
Sanders, Big Brother Attacks!
Cartoon: Two forms of I.D. for cash
Richman quote: For centuries, people taught their children to read and write without the help of government
Orlov quote: History is not a given; we are responsible
Braley, A Noisy Noise
Windolph quote: Some man or group in every form of state has sovereign power to kill and confiscate
Tolstoy, How Can Governments Be Abolished?

Issue 74
Pugsley, Harry, Please, Don’t Run for President: An Argument In Defense of the Invisible Hand
Cartoon: The Anarchists blocked a bill to impeach you
LeFevre quote: When it comes to government power, there are no good men
Correspondence To And From The Editor

Issue 75
Watner, Beyond The Reach of Authority
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Cartoon: It’s cute now, but do you realize how big it is going to get?
Back Issue Clearance Sale

Issue 76
Watner, “Plunderers Of The Public Revenue”: Voluntaryism And The Mails
Duverus quote: One basic truth

Issue 77
Watner, “Vices Are Not Crimes”: Defending DEFENDING THE UNDEFENDABLE
Silent Weapons for Silent War
How Much Consent?
Spooner quote: Vices are not crimes
Lord Hugh Cecil quote: Liberty consists in the power of doing what others disapprove
Block, Libertarianism and Libertinism


Issue 78
Lord Hugh Cecil, Liberty and Authority
Mises quote: When we argue the state should do something, we ultimately imply that the police should kill and confiscate to enforce the law
Voluntaryist quote: We can only secure our own liberty by preserving it for the most obnoxious among us
Quote: Stand on your rights, but remember your manners
Estes, We Never Called Him “Andy”: My Recollections of Andrew Joseph Galambos

Issue 79
Watner, The Tragedy of Political Government
Lowi quote: The fundamental purpose of all government jobs is to maintain conquest
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Statement of Purpose
The Defacto Bill of Rights
Lowi quote: Voting and participating in government are instruments of conquest
Cartoon: I don’t tell you how to pay your taxes, so don’t tell me how to spend them
Adams, The Historical Origins of Voluntaryism
Cartoon: But Your Honor-it was such a small bank!
Chubb and Moe quote: Democracy is coercive, the winners impose their policies on the losers
Watner, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Issue 80
Watner, “Beyond the Wit of Man to Foresee”: Voluntaryism and Land Use Controls
Cartoon: I hate to cut your head off, but it is part of the political process
Rothbard, “Will Rothbard’s Free-Market Justice Suffice?”

Issue 81
MacCallum, A Model Lease for Orbis
Cartoon: Let them form their own government!
Statement of Purpose
Hoiles, The Most Harmful Error Most Honest People Make

Issue 82
Barnett, Pursuing Justice in a Free Society: The Power Principle
Dreas, The Terra Libra Coin Story
Prechter, Paper: No Substitute for Gold
Twain quote: Always do right!
Cartoon: I’m on a power trip – it’s my job!
MacCallum, In Search of a Word: Limited Government versus Anarchy

Issue 83
Barnett, Pursuing Justice in a Free Society: The Liberty Approach


Issue 84
Watner, “Stateless Not Lawless”: Voluntaryism and Arbitration

Issue 85
Watner, Harry Browne-Have You Forgotten?: The Lesser of Two Evils Is Still Evil
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
West quote: When I pick between two evils, I pick the one I haven’t tried before
Cartoon: I never vote – it only encourages politicians
McElroy, Why I Would Not Vote Against Hitler

Issue 86
Watner, Is ‘Taxation Is Theft’ A Seditious Statement?: A Short History of Governmental Criticism in the United States
Watner, On Keeping Your Own: Taxation Is Theft!
Quote: The More Things Change, The More They Remain the Same
Chafee quote: Does Free Speech Produce Truth?

Issue 87
Watner, Private Charities
Anonymous, The Double Edge of Computers
Statement of Purpose
Cartoon: I recognize that gold piece!
Cartoon: It is Latin for guaranteed to grow!
Literature Received
Licher, Robert LeFevre: A Tribute

Issue 88
Watner, By Their Bootstraps: Voluntaryism and the Cooperative Movement
Warbasse quote: Cooperation vs. the State
Warbasse quote: All forms of government rest upon violence
Warbasse quote: Cooperation depends upon private property
Cartoon: I’m finding for the State – they pay my salary!
Cartoon: What exactly is Bill Clinton supposed to be doing?
Halliday, Who Are the Realists?

Issue 89
Weissberg, Election Day: A Means of State Control
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
McElroy, Contra Gradualism
Anonymous, Letter to the Editor: Evolution of a Voluntaryist
Sanders quote: the American slave mentality would erect a new government


Issue 90
Rothbard, The World’s First Libertarians: Taoism in Ancient China
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Szasz quote: History teaches us to beware of benefactors who deprive us of liberty
Dali Lama quote: If you can, help. If you cannot, at least do no harm
Skousen quote: Freedom without morality leads to libertinism
LeFevre: Birth of a Man
Browne quote: Good parents shouldn’t have their children held hostage in school
Liggio quote: Where government exists, private property rights are negated
Patocka quote: We carry responsibility with us everywhere we go
Tomlin quote: Even if you win the rat race, you’re still a rat
Maybury, Why Are They So Stupid?

Issue 91
Smith, Conquest or Consent?: The Origin of the State – Introduction to Franz Oppenheimer’s THE STATE
Melloan quote: All national boundaries are accidental
Cartoon: You don’t have to fool all the people, just confuse them
Roberts quote: You can’t destroy ideas by force or hide them by silence
Maybury quote: When government controls the schools, it does not need to control the press
Swartz quote: If paying taxes made people well off, the world would be rich
Katz, The Cunning of Governments and the Contributions of Citizens

Issue 92
Watner, The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions: Voluntaryism and the Roads
Parade Magazine quote: Everything comes to he who works like hell
Quote: He who has the gold, sets the rules or with the shekels come the shackles
Stephens quote: Times change, men change, but principles never!
Sai Baba quote: Help ever, hurt never!
Aristotle quote: A small error in the beginning leads to a large error in the end
Quote: If you’re doing your job, it doesn’t matter when the boss comes in
Watner, Why Do We Steer on the Left and Drive on the Right?
Watner, A Short History of Highway and Vehicle Regulations

Issue 93
Watner, Why I Write and Publish THE VOLUNTARYIST
Watner, They Myth of American Liberty: Review of Novak – THE PEOPLE’S WELFARE
Loomis, Replacing Government with Voluntary Action
Cartoon: I no longer care to do business with you. Remove my name
Jewish quote: A little light pushes away much darkness
Slack movie quote: Withdrawing in disgust is not the same as apathy
Hare and Blumberg quote: Gandhian cocktails are a mixture of truth, courage, love and humour
Crosby poem: The State
Watner, A Fund Raising Appeal for THE VOLUNTARYIST Anthology

Issue 94
Lapp Family: The Lapps and the IRS
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Castellio quote: To seek the truth can never be a crime
Pennsylvania Dutch quote: Lighthouses don’t ring bells, they just shine
Cartoon: You’re guilty of contempt of everything!
Sai Baba quote: Right is right. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody does it!
O’Rourke quote: When buying and selling are controlled, the first thing to be bought is the legislators
Watner, Challenge or Tragedy: A Government Raid at Sublimity, Oregon

Issue 95
Rothbard, Myth and Truth About Libertarianism
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Solzhenitsyn, Participation and the Lie


Issue 96
Watner, Once an Owner – Always An Owner
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
Crosby poem: The State-House

Issue 97
Hasnas, The Myth of the Rule of Law: Part I
Barclay, What Holds the System Together?

Issue 98
Hasnas, The Myth of the Rule of Law: Part II
Cartoon: Considering the country’s ungovernable, we’re doing a good job
Hoppe interview: Law, Order and the Failure of the State

Issue 99
Watner, Crime and Monopoly in America
Chodorov, On Underwriting an Evil
Mencken quote: A good politician is as unthinkable as an honest burglar
Quote: If voting could change things, it would be made illegal
Quote: A man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away
Twain quote: Suppose you were an idiot; suppose you were a member of Congress
Crosby poem: Politics
Goethe quote: None are more enslaved than who falsely believe themselves free
Kellen, Translator’s Introduction to THE POLITICAL ILLUSION

Issue 100
Simmons, Consent, Obligation, and Anarchy
Anonymous, Why I Refuse to Register (To Vote or Pay Taxes)
Quote: The greatest power is the power to choose
Cox, The Low Cost of Living
AIER quote: Governments depend on force
Cartoon: Why vote? There are only politicians running
Jewish quote: One is a lie, two are lies, but three is politics
Wall Street Journal quote: National leaders are not well-adjusted personalities
Sobran quote: War is just another government program
Statement of Purpose
Books Received for Review

Issue 101
Watner, The Illusion Is Liberty – The Reality Is Leviathan?: A Voluntaryist Perspective on the Bill of Rights
Potpourri from the Editor’s Desk
MacWilliam quote, Responsibility means dealing with the consequences of your choices
Quote: Just because we have the right to do something, doesn’t mean we should
Bex quote: It is most difficult to find one man to stand for the truth
Green quote: Freedom is not the child of violence
Quote: When someone slings mud, let it dry and fall off
Lowi, No Conceivable Reform

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