Taxation is Theft

Render Not (PDF Book) – Edited by Carl Watner
The Rescue Project: “We Coerce You in the Name of Preventing Injustice to Others” – By Carl Watner and Craig Duncan
Oh, The Joys of Slavery! – By Carl Watner
Was Lysander Spooner Mistaken? – by Carl Watner
Do You Really “Owe” Those Taxes? – Issue Num. 159
Sophisticated Slavery by Marco den Ouden – Essay Contest Winner
Taxes No Better Than Slavery by Carl Watner
The Catholic Church’s Confused Ideas About Stealing by Mark Crovelli
An Open Letter on Taxation to the Global Ethic Foundation by Carl Watner
Appendix to Trial by Jury by Lysander Spooner
Is Taxation Theft?: An Exchange of Letters
Highway Tax vs. Poll Tax: Some Thoreau Tax Trivia – Issue Num. 71
Why I Refuse to Register (To Vote or Pay Taxes) – Issue Num. 100
Un-licensed – Un-numbered – Un-taxed – Issue Num. 68
Jesus on Taxes from the now gone
My Taxes – by Karl Hess
A Moral Challenge – by Carl Watner
Moral Challenge II – by Carl Watner
Stimulus Payment Returned – By Lloyd Licher
Soul Rape – by Carl Watner
A Constructive Explanation – by Spencer and Emalie MacCallum
The Problem with Trading by Dave Scotese
Meeting the State Head-On by Anonymous
To Steal or Not to Steal by F.A. Harper
You Must Comply Voluntarily by Ben Garrison
Germans 13: 1-7 by Ned Netterville

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