I Must Speak Out Table of Contents

(articles are by Carl Watner unless otherwise attributed)

xi. Why I Write and Publish The Voluntaryist

Part I: Statement of Purpose
3. What We Are For?–What Do We Believe?
4. What Is Our Plan?
7. The Fundamentals of Voluntaryism
11. Cultivate Your Own Garden: No Truck with Politics
14. From the Editor: “Like a Voice Crying in the Wilderness”–A Restatement of Purpose
18. What We Believe and Why

Part II: Voluntaryist Critiques of the State
25. The Ethics of Voting , by George H. Smith
33. “If This Be Treason, Make the Most of It!”
35. The Myth of Political Freedom
37. The Case against Democracy: The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same
41. Notes on War and Freedom, by Ramsey Clark
42. A Note to the Commissioner, by Anonymous
44. The Tragedy of Political Government
47. “Will Rothbards Free-Market Justice Suffice?”, by Murray Rothbard
49. On Keeping Your Own: Taxation Is Theft!
50. Who Are the Realists?, by Roy Halliday

Part III: Voluntaryist Strategies
55. Neither Bullets Nor Ballots, by Wendy McElroy
57. Methods, by Francis Tandy
61. Living Slavery and All That, by Alan P. Koontz
63. The Voluntaryist Insight: from “The Political Thought of Etienne de la Boetie,” by Murray N. Rothbard
69. The Power of Non-Violent Resistance, by Jerry M. Tinker
78. How Can We Do It?, by Robert LeFevre
82. A Way Out–Victory without Violence
83. Freedom Works Both Ways, by Dean Russell
85. Persuasion versus Force, by Mark Skousen
91. The Illegality, Immorality, and Violence of All Political Action, by Robert LeFevre
95. Thoughts on Nonviolence, by Karl Meyer
97. A Visit to Rhinegold, by Harry Browne
109. An Open Letter to Harry Browne from John Pugsley
122. Election Day: A Means of State Control, by Robert Weissberg
127. Consent, Obligation, and Anarchy, by A. John Simmons

Part IV: Voluntaryism as a Matter of Integrity and Conscience
139. The Decision Is Always Yours–Freedom as Self-Control
146. A Further Note on `Freedom as Self-Control`
147. To Thine Own Self Be True: The Story of Raymond Cyrus Hoiles and His Freedom Newspapers
159. The Case against T-Bills: And Other Thoughts on Theft, by John A. Pugsley
165. “I Dont Want Nothing from Him!”
167. The Day the World Was Lost, by Milton Mayer
171. “Voluntary” Contributions to the National Treasury: Where Does One Draw the Line?
176. “Drawing the Line,” by Blair Adams
177. Why Homeschool? Excerpts from Correspondence between Helen Hegener and Carl Watner
181. This Far: No More!, by Anonymous
183. A Definition of Freedom, by Julie Watner
184. “Vices Are Not Crimes”: Defending Defending the Undefendable
186. Libertarianism and Libertinism, by Walter Block
197. The Cunning of Governments and the Contributions of Citizens, by Fred E. Katz

200. Participation and the Lie, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
202. Why I Refuse to Register (to Vote or Pay Taxes), by Anonymous

Part V: Voluntaryism vs. the American Government
207. A Plague on Both Your Houses
219. To All Patriots and Constitutionalists: Some Critical Considerations on the United States Constitution

223. Propaganda, American-Style, by Noam Chomsky
225. An Octopus Would Sooner Release Its Prey: Voluntaryism vs. Educational Statism
234. Who Controls the Children?
246. A Declaration of Personal Indepenence, by a Friend of Paine
250. Major Crimes of the United States Government: 1776-1993
264. “By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them”: Voluntaryism and the Old Order Amish
281. “Sweat Them at Law with Their Own Money”: Forfeitures and Taxes in American History
291. Whose Property Is It Anyway?
295. Is “Taxation Is Theft” A Seditious Statement?: A Short History of Governmental Criticism in the Early United States
306. “The Illusion Is Liberty–the Reality Is Leviathan”: A Voluntaryist Perspective on the Bill of Rights

Part VI: Voluntaryism in History
319. The Noiseless Revolution
326. “Health” Freedoms in the Libertarian Tradition
332. “Hard Money” in the Voluntaryist Tradition
343. Thinkers and Groups of Individuals Who Have Contributed Significant Ideas or Major Written Materials to the Radical Libertarian Tradition
349. “And Every Man Did What Was Right in His Own Eyes”: Voluntaryism in the Old Testament
355. Libraries in the Voluntaryist Tradition
359. Voluntaryism on the Western Frontier
366. Voluntaryism and the English Language
377. Weights and Measures: State or Market?
381. Voluntaryism and the Evolution of Industrial Standards

394. “One of Our Most Human Experiences”: Voluntaryism, Marriage, and the Family
405. “For Conscience`s Sake”: Voluntaryism and Religious Freedom
414. The Most Generous Nation on Earth: Voluntaryism and American Philanthropy
428. “Plunderers of the Public Revenue”: Voluntaryism and the Mails
442. “Beyond the Wit of Man to Foresee”: Voluntaryism and Land Use Controls
457. “Stateless, Not Lawless”: Voluntaryism and Arbitration
474. The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions: Voluntaryism and the Roads

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